Our New Dream House Is Haunted

We just bought a ranch house in Connecticut that seemed almost perfect. It was a four bedroom, two bath house complete with 3.4 acres and a five stall horse barn.

The people that use to live there were depressed and troubled. They smoked, drank, and who knows they may have used drugs and always had large noisy parties.

The original owners were a grandmother and grandfather. Somehow the grandfather died but the grandmother lived on. The kids were the party crashers. Their poor grandmother took her grand kids in and basically took over the house. They were in a lot of debt so they were forced to sell. That’s when we bought the house.

One night, during the process of buying, someone (most likely the grand kids – they all moved out) slipped in and stole all of the copper piping. Luckily our neighbors found out and called the police. That’s when I knew that we had an angel watching over us.

A couple weeks later we stopped by, as always, after school to have a snack and use the restroom (they trashed the place so it was imposable to live there just yet) everyone was in the car waiting.

I was alone and decided to get a candy bar before we left, all of a sudden the radio turned on by itself. What really scared me was the fact that it was on my favorite country station (I never used the radio). I never worked there because we hired people to help us, very young, about 20 year old men who liked to listen to rap. No one else in my family likes country except me, not even the workers.

Weeks later I decided to take some pictures. Amazingly enough on most of the photos there was a large shadowy figure about six feet tall. It was positioned like in the cowboy movies with it’s arms crossed and one leg propped on the wall and leaning against it. I showed the photos to everyone. They said they weren’t that tall to begin with (the shadow was see through as well). So far nothing else happened except for our tools turning up in weird places, other wise just the usual.

Sent in by Jacquie Devion, Copyright 2008