The Haunted Sleepover

One night I was having a nice Halloween sleepover with my friends Ali and Molly. It was my first night in my new house, a huge Victorian mansion.

We were told by the land owner that some thing had happened and a girl around my age had disappeared not too long ago so to be careful and be alert. My friends and I were up all night so we were not very alert.

Molly looked up and said she heard something. She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back she said she saw nothing and we went back to our game of truth-or-dare.

When it came to be my turn Ali said she saw something move in the hall. “Oh it must be my little puppy dog named Frosty.” I had just got my dog that day, no one knew about him. When I looked over my shoulder he was laying down sleeping like he was a small stuffed animal.

Every one screamed. No one was home at the time meaning adults, but we were all 17, 16, and 15. We all got up and hid in my small cramped closet. We tried to stay quiet, but Ali just had to scream as the door slowly started to creak open. I heard my dog get up, I was so worried. He barked once and then yelped then no more sound came from frosty. Frosty ran down stairs with fright.

The door closed with a big bang. We were trapped on the third floor of the big Victorian mansion. Molly got all her courage and was ready to fight the burglar, or what we thought was a bugler. She opened the door and ran out leaving Ali in the closet ready to faint if any one except us showed their face in the closet. As we were running out we found ourselves face to face with a glowing form, a ghost. Not just a ghost, but the girl the landlord told us about. She went away and never comes unless it is Halloween.

Sent in by Amy, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales