Pick A Game The Ghostly Voice

This did not happen to me though it happened to my aunt and her family. I am going to tell this story as though my aunt is telling it.

It was about midnight and my daughter was getting a glass of water. She heard something tapping on the windows in her basement. She figured it was just wind but she went down to check anyway.

She was going to move the tree so it wouldn’t scratch up the window. When she got down there she heard a voice. It was saying, “Pick A Game, Pick A Game.” (there were like six people in the family so there were a lot of games.)

At first she just figured it was her brother playing a joke on her. So she went to check to make sure everyone was in bed. There was only one way to get up stairs so there was no way he could get in bed without her knowing he left. She went to check and found that no one had moved all night. She was scared but she just went to bed and didn’t worry about it.

She woke up an hour later to some rattling in the basement again. This time she woke up her mom to come with her. Again they heard the voice saying, “Pick A Game, Pick A Game.” Her mom was terrified.

They went upstairs to get their father to search the basement. They woke up the other kids and told them to go outside just in case there was some crazy person in their basement. Again they heard the voice. This time the voice was much louder saying, “Pick A Game, Pick A Game.” Her dad was also terrified so he ran outside and called the police.

When the police came, they found absolutely nothing. They found nothing and/or no one making the noise. They police did inform the family that right before they moved in there was a young couple that lived there who died from a brutal death. They believed that the angry couple was the cause of the voice but no one really knew for sure who or what it was.

Sent in by Kori, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales