Being Watched

I’ve had several experiences myself and sleep paralysis is factual. I was six years old when the first feeling of being watched started to come over me. I would tell my mother about it and she would just tell me to stop watching scary movies or that I had an over-active imagination.  As the days and nights passed, each paranormal experience started to become worse.

In July we would keep the heater on in the house due to the bitter cold we felt daily. Things would be out of place, and just walking up to the house brought a sensation I don’t think I can put into the correct terms. I used to think of myself as a good kid…and that I would be safe in my own house if nowhere else. The feeling of security that my family gave me was reassuring until it happened.

I couldn’t sleep one night… I just laid in bed and said my prayers. Then this sensation of being watched came over me again and I could feel my body going stiff. I shuddered a bit and threw the covers over my head. I started to feel myself whimpering and I tried to hold back any sounds hoping that whatever was watching me wouldn’t hear me or notice me. After a few moments, I tried to yell to my mother but couldn’t seem to get my vocal cords to work.

I thought I would jump up out of my bed and run to my mom who was just down the hall. When I uncovered my head, what I saw scared me beyond anything else I have experienced in my life to date. Hovering over me and reaching towards me was this shadowy figure which I can only describe as something no one should ever witness.  The penetrating eyes, the slick flesh and the smell…it smelled like burnt ashes. The smell reminds me now of what a dirty ashtray would smell like.

As I saw this figure, I became overcome with panic and screamed for my mother. Within an instant I could hear sounds of thumping down the hallway and I could see lights starting to come on. The figure turned towards my doorway, then stared back at me for a second. It’s hand was mere inches from my chest when it turned, fled into my closet and the door slammed so hard it almost came unhinged. My mother witnessed its retreat into my closet and she screamed as well when she entered my room.

We immediately tried to get a prayer chain and have the house cleansed, but our pastor told us that we should never stay in this house again. He had a fear in his eyes  I would never believe a pastor to have. We left to my grandmothers house that same night. We moved our stuff out one week later after pastors tried to cleanse it and warned us about it. I cannot account for what they told us, but they too said they could feel a “presence” if you will and a feeling that something very uninviting was in our house and it was not leaving. That is just one incident…there have been many others.

I believe in God,  I believe in Jesus. I do believe they have a huge part in our lives but if one has such strong belief as I do….then why the many paranormal incidents? Why do they not leave when told to do so in God’s name? Is there some higher purpose behind their visitations? I don’t think that they were actually trying to hurt me, but they definitely wanted something from me or to do something with me. This question and others questions plague my mind.


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  1. Jewell on September 23rd, 2013 3:18 pm

    I’ve often wondered “why?” myself. It goes against what we’re taught, religiously speaking. Or does it? After all, we pray to the father, son & holy ghost. We are, in essence, spirit. We are light. We are energy. And that’s ALL of us, the good, the bad, the ordinary, the extraordinary. Maybe some leave this earthly plain with unfinished business. Maybe some had their lives cut short by untimely deaths. Perhaps this thing which hid in your closet was the spirit of someone who died in a fire. Perhaps he/she wasn’t a good person during their lifetime, so they’re doomed to wander in the afterlife, or the “in-between world” as a burnt-up ghost. Maybe they died a horrible death at the hands of another & wander now, looking for revenge against the living -even an innocent person such as yourself! Time doesn’t exist unless & until we are born into these physical bodies, so who knows how long a spirit, ghost, manifestation of good, evil, or indifference has existed in its light form? I have lots of questions which I suppose won’t be answered until I pass on.

  2. Anonymous on October 22nd, 2013 5:25 pm

    If it is a demon and you just use God’s name it may not just work off the bat. I know a lot about the spiritual realm, I use to do healing and deliverance. Based off of my studies and what I’ve seen in my life, if a demon can manifest itself to that magnitude then it has some sort of spiritual right to do so. Search your family history, especially if anyone in your family history was a Free Mason. Now on Free Masonry I know supposably they are a bunch of “good” people, but at the high level it’s actually pretty satanic (my grandad is a free mason and has disowned us). You’d be surprised at how many American families have a family history that connects to Free Masonry that can give a demon spiritual rights that pass down as a generational curse. If this is the case with you, just ask for forgiveness on unknown sins and renounce any generational curses that could be connected to you, and that you don’t receive them. After this it gives the demon less of a foothold and it doesn’t have a spiritual right anymore. Now also, the more you search for truth and the more you strive to live a righteous life, the more the enemy is going to target you, having any form of fear in this gives the enemy a foot hold.

  3. jco on September 7th, 2015 12:15 pm

    What if your pastors cleansing didnt work because it wasnt a demon in your house? What if you called the entity on yourself through prayer? What if the greatest trick the devil pulled wasnt convincing the world he didnt exist, but that he was the good guy and that some other guy was bad…..sounds like your ‘god’ has no power over these things…..god luck.

  4. Anonymous on December 18th, 2015 1:53 am

    This happened to me once. I always felt watched in that bedroom but I never connected the two before. For me, I was in middle school going through a really rough time for some heavy reasons and was suicidal. One night while fantasizing about how I’d off myself I saw a shadow slide under my bedroom door. I’ll never forget it, it was impossibly dark, darker than the darkness of the room around it. I watched the blob move across my floor, to the foot of my bed, slowly over passing my feet, legs, stomach, until it was on my chest. I dont know when I realized it but I couldn’t move, scream, or even blink. Its eyes were so red, so penetrating into mine. There was pressure on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. My vision started to go into a tunnel and kept getting smaller, to a pinpoint. I passed out but only after I was 100% sure I was dying. When I woke the next day I couldn’t believe I was alive. Never been suicidal since, it was the most fing terrifying thing ever. I believe God sent an angel of death to snap me out of my death fantasy. I think it saved my life.

  5. Adriana on March 24th, 2018 11:39 am

    I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis, the worst time was a few years back it happen every night for almost a month… When I was 15 I experience the worst incident where some type of creature that ran like a horse came around my bed and jumped on top of me holding me down all I heard was its demonic creepy growl… I felt as if I was being raped… I’ve experienced so many paranormal events since I was little and believe ever since I’ve witnessed my sister being possesed and since then I seem to attract the unseen.

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