Strange Man in The Attic

I’d just moved in to a new house. It was in the countryside, and was beautiful; Old fashioned and big, with four rooms. I loved it, and so did my mum. The only thing was, my mum had rented out the big attic at the top of the house, the attic room, to an old, strange man.

His name was Rodney and he was about 88, or 89. Every day, I was sent by my mum to bring Rodney up some lemonade, or sandwiches, or muffins or cakes, things like that, on a tray. I hated doing this. Rodney’s attic room was dark, shadowy and always silent; He didn’t have a TV, he just sat in a rocking chair, talking to his ‘friends’ all day, or singing sad songs.

When I brought in the treats, he always frowned at me, then at the tray, and said, ‘Korea’ over and over again. I never understood why, and I still don’t now. Then, one day, my mum told me to bring up some homemade cookies. I nodded, picked up the tray and went up the winding stairs that let to Rodney’s room. I knocked on the door once, but there was no answer. I knocked again, and again, but Rodney didn’t answer. Annoyed, I pushed the door open and nearly screamed.

Rodney was standing up, glaring at me, his eyes cold and piercing. I couldn’t move at all and couldn’t breathe. I dropped the cookies to the floor and gasped for breath. It was like he was strangling me, or like I was hanging from something. The grip around my neck was invisible but felt like a rough, tight rope. I remember vividly kicking around and trying to breathe, but failing, and then forcing myself to keep my eyes open. All this time, Rodney was staring at me. He started laughing.

Then, I found the strength to look straight back at him. He seemed flustered, then blinked, and I fell to the floor instantly. I was only 10, and very small and weak for my age. My mum found me, unconscious, slipping in to a coma. Luckily, I was alright. Rodney was sat in his chair, dead. I never knew what or who Rodney was… Maybe he was just really old, lost his marbles? But, examiners of his body told my mum that there was nothing wrong with his brain or body, except old age. I instantly felt ill.

What had made Rodney do that to me? This story is true – 100%.

Sent in by Ashlie, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales

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