Haunted In My Sleep

This story is pretty short. When I was about four, I lived in a small house in Kenniwick, Washington with my mom, brother and a family of drug addicts that are friends with my dad who is a trucker.

I don’t remember how long this had been going on but my mom said it was about three weeks. Every night when I went to sleep I kept waking up for some reason.

About the second week I woke up in the morning and told my mom to tell her friends to keep waking me up. My mom then told me that every night for two weeks she had witnessed a tall black haired lady in white walk from my room to the bathroom, and every time my mom went to look she was gone.

At the third week my mom got tired of me telling her to tell her friends to stop. She called my aunt (whom lived 500 miles away) and told her. After that it stopped happening.

We then moved to a small town of Rosalia. The first six years I felt no presence here.  Then my grandma had a stroke and she had to live with us.

The day before Halloween my grandma died. Now as I sit here typing this story I feel sad I don’t know why. I feel watched, but no one is there. I haven’t slept in my room for a month as my room is where my grandma died.

Sent in by Brad, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales

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