Demon Visitation

I’ve had two encounters of this sort, once when I was 17 and the other one a couple of months ago.

The first one happened right after me and my friends were messing around with a Ouija board and then we went to see the exorcist. I know you would say it was just an over active imagination, but what I felt that night was beyond dread.

I went to sleep that night, only to wake up in a sleep paralysis. I could see my room and everything in it, but the worst of all was what was standing at the bottom of my bed. It was hideous, and very large, and it had an air of menace about it, particularly directed towards my brother who I could hear watching TV in the living room.

I was so scared and just couldn’t get up to warn him. When I finally got out of it I went straight to him and spent the night watching TV with him.

Now I’m 24 and I have a baby (1 year). I was asleep, and suddenly I woke up with the same dread I felt then. This time its menace was directed towards my baby (who sleeps next to my bed in her cot). I could see it taken a string that was tied to some wind chimes hanging from my ceiling and tying it around her neck, I was hysterical by then.

I started praying fervently to God to keep us safe, in that moment it was like I had an out of body experience, because the thing left my room and was outside and I was following it outside, still praying. When it passed through our gates I finally got up and checked my daughter, lucky she was fine, but the experience scared me beyond anything I’ve ever been through.

I think that certain things opens doors to your soul, that gives demons the chance to come in. I’m a firm believer in God and I believe that’s what helped me that night.

Sent in by Jamie, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales

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