Am I Crazy?

I was a little girl around the age of five (I am now 32) I would tell my mother when I woke up that I saw a man in a flannel shirt that looked similar to my father standing in my doorway at night. My mother would laugh and say it was my imagination.  I never told any else.

My mother told me about a year ago that my son was playing at her house (the same one that I grew up in) and he had started to run down the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.  My mother then asked him why he stopped so suddenly and he asked her who that man was that went into his uncles bedroom (which happened to be my bedroom when I was little) my mother looked in the bedroom although there was nobody there. She told him it was just his imagination.

About a week later she asked me if I had told my children about my story when I was little, and I told her that I hadn’t and she then told me about my son’s story who just happened to also be five at the time. I moved back into my parents house in October and have felt strange at times but have never seen anything again, and my son hasn’t told anyone of seeing anything again.

My mom told me after we moved in, that when they remodeled the house in 1991 she found my shot records between the walls and had no idea of how it got there.  The walls were solid with no holes or cracks. My parents have owned this house since it was built. Am I crazy or do you think there is something here?

Sent in by Sarah, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales