Shadow Figure Behind The House

One day when me and my friend Courtney where young we were outside at my mawmaws house. She owned this old white house beside her trailer and we was playing around it. I was in the front of the house and Courtney was in the back.

I heard Courtney walking back behind the shed that was behind the old white house. I went to see what she was doing. I walked to the back of the house and Courtney was inside the house sitting on the floor. I could tell she was scared by the look in her eyes.

I asked her what was wrong and all she did was point to the back of the trailer where my mawmaw stayed. So I walked over to see what had her so shaken up. As I turned the corner of the trailer I saw a tall shadow figure walking into the woods.

I ran back to were Courtney was and ask her what it done to her and she said it just walked out of the shed and told her to get back in the house because it was dangerous outside.

We both ran and told my mawmaw, of course she didn’t believe us. But it was the most scariest thing that ever happened to us.

Anonymous, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales