Ghost Woman In The Kitchen

One day me my mom and my sister just moved in this little house and I loved the house, but I did not like it a week after I lived there. I was going to bed and I could hear thump, thump and I went to the kitchen and there was a woman who died there two years ago.

People said she killed her self, but I know she did not kill her self. Her eyes were closed and then they opened and she asked me for help and I asked her what happed and she told me she was killed. I could not believe it at all.

Then when I went to my dads house for the weekend I asked him if he knew about the girl that died in the house and he said, yes I do. I said, do you know what she was wearing and he said yes.

I was scared and I said she was kinda fat with brown hair, blue eyes and she was wearing glasses, a purple shirt and some leather paints. He was quiet for awhile then he said, that is her.

Then I went back to my moms house and I was all alone and my dad calls saying why did you call and say help? I told him I did not call you. He said, did your mom or sister call? I told him I was all alone and he said, get out of the house. So I was walking to the front door and something was pushing things out of the cabinets so I ran out and I looked back and I saw the woman there. I never went back to the house.

Sent in by Macy, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales