Ghostly Voices And Noises

This story takes place when I was seven years old, I am now 15. I used to live in Boston. My mother passed away when I was three months old. She was killed and stuffed in a closet, this is not a lie.

When I was seven I used to hear these noises from under my bed. I was always scared. I used to go to school hearing these noises. It bothered me until I turned 11. A year without hearing the noises, so it wasn’t that bad, but when I turned 12 years old it came back even worse.

This time I started to hear screams and started seeing things. The screams sounded like people in pain crying for help. The things I saw where shadows passing me, I was scared.

What I’m trying to explain now is very difficult, but I’m trying as hard as I can to explain it. Something felt like it took over me and made me write on a piece of paper “your next”. When I opened my eyes I was so scared that I lost my mind.

After class was finished the voices got worse. I couldn’t control it. There was a school police officer that chased me around the school, when he finally caught me I was crying. He then took me to the school counselor. The counselor called my parents to come to the school. So my parents came. The counselor told my parents that I had to be sent to a crazy hospital. The reason why I had to go is because I admitted to her that I have tried to kill myself more than 15 times and that one day I moved my bed one cold night towards the heater and when I moved it a saw a dead man under my bed.

My mom was crying and so was my father. I went to Balmount hospital. After I came out they put me on medication but that didn’t work. So I had to learn to live with it. I don’t really fear the voices or the shadows anymore unless I feel like it’s something big.

Sent in by Frank Faria, Copyright 2008