Ghost Story From South Jakarta

These events happened around 15 years ago in my friend’s house. He was living with his family in an old house in one of the elite areas in South Jakarta.

His eldest sister was given a bedroom with a bathroom attached to it. One day, after taking a leak in his sister’s bathroom, as usual, he turned the bathroom light off. However, as he was about to leave the bedroom, the bathroom light suddenly switched on again.

‘I must’ve not turned it off properly,’ he thought and approached the bathroom again to switch the light off. Click! The light went off. He walked away, but as he reached the bedroom door. Click! The light went on again.

A bit scared, but curious, he approached the bathroom again. This time he made sure he pushed the switch properly and waited. His face only a couple of inches from the switch. Click! The light went on again. He ran out of the room as fast as he could.

The second event was even scarier than that. It happened to his eldest sister, the owner of the room. She was talking to her boyfriend on the phone (she had her own phone in the room, and at that time it was a luxury) when suddenly the bathroom door creaked open just enough to let an apparition of a drowned woman – blue skinned, wet, lanky hair and all – slide in half of her body and stare straight at my friend’s sister.

The eldest sister was transfixed and could not move a muscle, no matter how hard she tried. She told her boyfriend to please keep talking to her on the phone.

Then the drowned woman began to open and close her mouth slowly, mouthing the words: ‘help me,’ and disappeared. Not long after that, the whole family moved to another, peaceful house.

Sent in by Jay Faiz, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales