The Terror Of The Old Hag

One night my mom and dad were out on a date while me and my sister plus her boyfriend had to watch the house.

That night my sister and her boyfriend got into a fight and decided to sleep in separate rooms. He slept upstairs and she slept downstairs. I felt bad for my sister so I went to go sleep with her.

That night about 3:15 AM we were awakened by her boyfriend yelling and swearing. I was ignoring it, trying to fall back asleep, but she was worried. I told her not to be, “he usually has little spazz’s,” I assured her.

We both laid back down trying to ignore it. About 20 minutes later he came into the room that me and my sister were in. He looked sweaty and almost as if he had just finished crying.

She jumped up and said, “What happened?” He was crying as he told her, “I was being held down, I saw a old man on top of me whispering, ‘leave her alone, leave her alone!’ I was crying out for you guys, but no one heard me! I was trying so hard to get up, but I couldn’t move.”

That night he ended sleeping with us and ever since that night, that room has been haunted. My sister would wake up to the bathroom light being turned on by itself and the doorknob twisting. There were black shadows crawling on the floor, it looked like its legs were over it’s shoulders. We are moving out of there as soon as possible.

Sent in by Angel Gray, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales