Three Ghost Tales

Today we have three short ghost encounters for you.

My Dream And Vision Of A Departed Friend

My friend had passed away on June 8th, 2007. Before my mom told me this I was in my room listening to music. I looked on my bed and saw my friend sitting on my bed and I thought I was just seeing things. My mom came in a little while later and told me the news. After the viewing and the funeral a few nights later I had a dream about her. The next night I had another one about her but this time I had asked her, “How’s Heaven?” she replied “I’m still not there.” I asked her why and she replied, “I’m still hanging around”. I’m not sure what happened but I’ve remembered that ever since and since then I’ve seen weird thing in my house and my older sister has seen a white shadow one time. This is a true story. ~ Gina

My Grandma

My grandma got sick with cancer in January of 1997. By Easter I think everyone knew it wasn’t gonna be long and she was gonna leave us. On May 2nd she told my grandpa she was ready to go to the hospital. Before she left she told my aunt to start packing her stuff away cause she wasn’t coming home. I stayed at my grandparents that weekend like I did every weekend. I remember the Saturday before she died we were all in the kitchen; me, my aunt and her friend walked in the living room and where my grandma always laid on the couch was glowing. A few minutes later her picture on the wall started swaying back and forth. On that Monday I was at school and they came and told me that she was gone. ~ Kim

Strange Ghostly Presence and Bad Odor

One night my mom was going to bed and she told me that about an hour and a half later she woke up because she felt that something had laid down next to her and it reeked! She turned over to see if it was one of us, but there was no one there. It didn’t make sense to her because the bed was sinking in on the side the thing laid down on and it wasn’t visible! She also said the smell never went away. She managed to fall asleep with it next to her, but when she woke up the smell and dent in the bed were both gone.

Hope you liked this story. My mom told me that she was terrified by it and didn’t know what to think. If it was me I would jump up and turn on the light, grab my camera and start snapping pictures. ~ Lesley La Fleur

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