A Ghost Calling For Omar

My name is Grecia Estrada and all this happened when I was on summer vacation. My mother and father go to work, and my brother attends school while my mother and father are away at work. So that leaves me alone at my house while the three of them are away.

I remember it first started on a Tuesday morning when I was checking out my e-mail. As I was sitting in front of my computer I felt someone pull my leg. I thought it was my dog pulling on my leg, probably because she was hungry. I looked down and saw that my dog wasn’t there.

Next I felt another tug, but it was stronger. I freaked out and thought I’d go to my neighbors where I would feel safer. Then I heard a young lady’s voice whisper Omar, Omar. I knew it wasn’t coming from the outside because it was such a soft whisper.

Then I ran for the back door, and noticed it was unlocked and open. My father would never leave the door open, let alone unlocked. That’s when I really got scared and ran to neighbors house.

Later, when my mother returned from work, I told her all that took place while she was gone. She told me it was maybe because I was tired and wasn’t getting enough sleep, but I knew that wasn’t it. Still now, the voices still talk to me, but I have learned to ignore them and let them be.

Just letting you know this is a true story!

Sent in by Grecia, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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