A Very Odd Feeling

I’ve had some weird ghost experiences but what I am about to tell you is true and scared me to death.

I moved to Poland when I was 13 and here we have to start school pretty early so sometimes I get up as early as 5 am. Well, one day I had gotten up and went to the couch where I fell asleep.

Now I was laying on my back with my feet up dreaming about something when suddenly I felt like I had woken up. But I knew I wasn’t awake. Suddenly I felt like I was being very slowly picked up by the air and slowly put on the floor then it was as if the air had put me on the couch again. It felt so REAL, I can still remember my head touching the ground. It was no dream.

Another time I had a dream about a woman dying and going to heaven when suddenly if felt like I was rising and gasping. It was as if my soul was being sucked up. Now here’s a very freaky thing. When I opened my eyes my body was up in the air (half of it) just like in the movies as if I was being pulled upwards by something. The whole day I felt like something was going to get me and was near tears.

I haven’t had something like that again. But the feeling scared me so much! Its like I am going to die, as if my soul is being pulled out of my body. Believe me this is the scariest feeling I ever had.

Sent in by Angie Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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