Ghost Lady In The Road

This happened just a month ago. See, I’m ten and I have an imagination, but I’m sure I saw a lady kinda like Sam saw Jessica on supernatural.

My mom and I were riding from school when I saw a lady in a gown. I told my mom to look at that lady, she said,”what lady?” I said, “that lady”, pointing at that spot and she said, “there’s no one there”. I’m like, huh?

So I looked it up and I found out that a lady was coming home from a party and was hit by a sixteen wheeler. I said, “mom come here”. My mom says, “huh?”. She says, “the other day when you saw that lady did you really see her?”

“Yes I did”. I’m a great drawer so she says, “can you draw the lady?” I’m like, “sure.” So I did and she said, “there was a lady after all”.

This happened that night. I was asleep and I was having a great dream then like a channel when it changes, I see a lady (the exact same one) and then the crash happens and her screaming. BOOM!The truck crashes and the car flipped about 20 feet and then I wake up and she is in the room pointing at me. I screamed and my mom came to the room, cuts on the light and asked, “what happened?”.

“I saw a lady”, I stuttered and then she says, “well, try and go back to sleep. I went back to sleep and then day comes and it never happened again.

Sent in by Shawn Kendrick, Copyright 2008


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