Haunted House On Hickory

When I was 12 years old I lived in a house on Hickory and I had never experienced anything like this.

One night when I came downstairs to get me a late midnight snack. Something was coming upstairs and I saw it was just my brother Robert. He just walked past me into the bathroom and he never came out while I was downstairs.

When morning came and I saw my brother I asked him what took him so long to come out of the bathroom last night and my brother told me he was never at home, he was over at his friends house. I was in total shock and was scared from then on.

The next night when it was just me and my mother in the house I was walking upstairs and the bathroom door slammed, and me being a dummy, I walked to the bathroom and opened the door and nobody was in there. As I walked out of the bathroom the door slammed almost hitting me in the back because I was kind of still in the doorway. I ran to my room and locked my door and I never used the bathroom upstairs always using the bathroom downstairs.

When my mother encountered something scary in the house we moved in the end of 2007 and we never looked back.

Written by Roya, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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