I Can See Lots Of Ghosts

When I was very little, I lived in Dublin, California in a one story house. I had lived there for a very long time when all of a sudden I started seeing people. Not just out of the corner of my eye but I could talk to them and walk up to them. But nobody else could see them.

My mom would see and hear me talking to the ghosts but told me that nobody was there. I even made a friend named Ashes who was run over by a truck by a horrible man. He would warn me when the bad ghosts were coming to hurt me.

I also use to see a man with a big overcoat and three big dogs in the hallway. He would always motion for me to follow him, but I was always too scared.

There also use to be a gang of three or four men outside the sliding glass door who would spit at our house. I use to slam the door and yell “STAY OUT!” I stopped seeing them when I turned about nine.

I have also recently seen people out of the corner of my eye. They always seem to be watching me. And I even saw an old woman in a gray raggedy cloth who ran toward me.

Sometimes it scares me but not all the time. I sometimes also hear my dogs collar jingling. She was put down about a month ago from a fracture in her spinal cord. It makes me feel happy though.

Sent in by Evan, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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