Little Peasant Girl Ghost

I live in an old house, maybe up to 100 years old. It’s a 2-story house, and has a partial basement. It is a dark space filled with pipes, dirt, and broken bricks. There is a small locked door that opens to the ladder into it.

When we moved into the house, I had a dream that a young girl in a simple linen dress was pointing down. She continued to mouth words and point down until morning.

My brother (who does not believe in ghosts) was going down with his webcam to catch a glimpse of what was down there. I was unfortunately the only one actually looking at the screen when it happened, but an orb hovered over my brother’s shoulder. I was pretty sure it was a reflection off his flashlight, until the flashlight got pointed somewhere else. While the orb remained where it was.

I have repeatedly told my family that a ghost lives in our house, they do not believe. I think she is around 6 years old, with blond hair and no shoes. I searched up Google Images, and the type of dress she was wearing was the kind that a peasant child would have worn in the medieval period.

She is never angry or sad, she constantly giggles around me and I come home to find my old toys in spots other than where I left them. I hear her the most at the bottom of the stairs and near the small basement door. I feel that perhaps she was buried and my house was built over top of her.

She plays with my kitten, he rolls around as if biting a hand when there is nothing(not even a dust bunny) there. I suppose she welcomed my cat Sammy when he died of anti-freeze ingestion. He sleeps in the cupboard a lot like he used to, but that is another story.

Sent in by Lucy, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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