Mrs. Waters A Ghost Story

My mom’s maiden name is Waters, her mom has been dead for five years.

One day I was texting my best friend Lacey when the home phone rang. Some one asked for Mrs. Waters. I just handed my mom the phone.

My mom walked around the kitchen talking for a while, talking and looking confused. I didn’t text my friend because I was busy watching my mom. She started fussing with them saying, “my name is not Mrs. Waters! It is Mrs. Anderly. My mother has been dead for five years!” She screamed that mouthful of words into the phone and hung up.

Then, right as she hung up I received a text saying, “is this Mrs. Waters?” I was staring at the phone and told my mom. I went outside and looked to see if some one was pulling a prank, I went back in.

Shortly after I sat down the door bell rang. When I opened it, all I could see on our porch was boot marks. I looked, all I saw was my own shadow. It continued like that until 5 pm. I finally didn’t answer the door. I looked outside. A tall man ,about the height of my grand father who had been dead for six years stood outside.

I looked more closely,”bootmarks,” I said silently. Yes, the man was wearing boots. I answered the door. He turned and yelled to someone in a car. I looked over at our family picture from when the grandparents were alive. Then looked at the man.

He and the lady now standing beside him were my dead grandparents.! I screamed, then calmed down. I invited them in, and went to tell my mom. She didn’t believe me, but when she went downstairs she fainted. I helped her up and sat her down. My ghostly grandparents helped me fan her to wake her.

When she woke up I brought her a glass of water, and we all chatted. They explained that they have watched us and always wanted to tell us good bye before passing on, but never knew how, until now. We begged them to live in the house with us and stay forever. They finally agreed after an hour of fighting, well, debating on what to do. They decided to stay. They scare me some time on how they pop up and disappear.

Sent in by Jessica, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales.


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  1. Anna on November 21st, 2011 9:24 pm

    Hi Jessica.

    I am glad to hear that your grandparents have decided to stay in the house with you.
    My grandparents passed away last year (grandmother) and this year (grandfather) and I faintly smell my grandfather every fortnight but only once. The odor that I smell is his powder that he always wears every time after a shower. It feels good to know that he is still watching me but there are questions that are still unanswered.

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