My Ghost Life

In 2005 my grandfather died and at his funeral, I saw something from the corner of my eye, in the mirror. So I went to the funeral and nothing happened (except for everyone being sad).

In 2006 I saw an old man in a rocking chair while looking in the mirror. It was on the stairs of the attic. Then I heard knocking noises upstairs.

In 2007 I looked in the mirror and to my surprise I saw a young man in a suit. Then my mum and I went up to visit my nan and she showed me a picture of my granddad. When I looked at it closer it was a young man in a suit. Oh and yes I did recognize it.

2007 June: My friends Jonathan and Jobe come over. As Jonathan walked in it started raining. We went upstairs in the living room and took our shoes off. Then we walked in my room and played with my doctor who toys. About ten minutes later we heard foot steps coming from the attic. Afraid, we went downstairs as a distraction.

It had stopped raining. We got excited and ran upstairs to grab our shoes. I put my shoes on, Jobe put his on but Jonathan didn’t put his on. His shoes had disappeared. We looked downstairs. They weren`t there. We looked upstairs again. There they were just where we left them. I told them the story. Then Jonathan and Jobe got that cold shiver you get down your spine when you see a ghost.

Later I found out in school that my house used to be a shop selling wool and that the teachers parents worked in my house.

In 2008 while I was looking in the staff room in school, my friends and I saw two ghosts in the uniform they used in the world war putting their boots on and my school used to be a boys school used in war.

Sent in by James, Jonathan, Megan, Jobe, Connor, Jack, Sophie and Emily, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales.


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