My Ghostly Neighbor

One day me and my friends were just joking around and playing with her video camera. We have always known her house was haunted so we put her camera in her basement. We left three times.

The first time everything in the room turned red, not really scary.

The second time you could hear a little girl talking and foot steps but that’s not too scary. Then the batteries died so we put new ones in.

The third time the camera turned off right after the foot steps were heard. Since we never got anything from that we would walk down the stairs take pictures and leave and in every picture there was a huge blob and a black spot.

When we went to check out all the video tapes somebody had deleted them, but we all swore it was none of us so that night we all slept in the living room then we herd someone coming up the stairs. So we freaked out and got knives.

After everyone had fallen asleep I heard the foot steps again. Then things started falling of the stands and the cats kept meowing at something, but there was no one there.

That morning one of our friends went home and me and Erin were still at her house. She woke early and saw a woman outside, but never told me. Later on Kaitlyn came back over and said who was that lady outside of your house and Erin said, “I don’t know.” Then we all saw the lady walk in the bathroom. We went to check and no one was there.

From then on we’ve called her the mysteries lady and wonder why we could never see her face even when it was in eye sight view. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like black and now I wonder four things; who was that lady? who brought this haunting? is it evil? and what goes on when were all asleep?

Sent in by Samantha Kentch, Copyright 2008


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