Open Windows The Kootneai And The Stix Man

One night after Christmas eve in the Kootneai way we have a jump dance where you all gather in the community hall and sing and dance. Some of us get our Indian names or we have give aways.

Well, we didn’t go because we had a death in the family. When someone dies we don’t attend. My grandfather would seal the house and bless it with cedar. Well doing that part we ain’t aloud to even look or open the windows when something is outside. Just to ignore it and wait until the sun comes up and not even pay attention to what you see.

Well, we were sitting in the living room and my grandma said, “open the window, its hot in here,” and my mom did. A few moments later my grandma said, “you better close it, the ghosts might come in,” and she did.

Just as she was closing the window a coop stick came in with the claws of a owl and it almost struck my mom. When she fell and got up all of us stood in the corner screaming. My grandpa came out and closed the window and told us to get cedared because if we don’t then the stix man is going to get us when we are alone or something.

The next day we went out and looked in the snow and saw nothing but owl prints there. The next night my auntie was hot and saying the smoke was hurting her eyes and she opened the window. Her and her two kids were laying there and Richard looked up and saw a man standing by his window and told his mom. She turned on the light. He was still there. She screamed and my brother ran back there and grabbed the sage on her dresser and burned it and started praying. As the man turned we heard the sound of an owl crying. After that we had to go into a sweat and feed our clan uncles and aunties.

Sent in by Sharmyne, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales.


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