Playing With A Ghost Boy

I have a true ghost story to tell and although I can’t really remember the event as I was very young, members of my family have told me the story often.

I used to live with my grandfather on his small holding in North Yorkshire, England, when I was really little and one day I was quite happily playing on my own upstairs for hours. When I went downstairs my grandmother asked me what I’d been doing I said, “I was playing with the little boy in the dress.”

It took them a while to figure out what I was meaning but eventually they realized that I was talking about a smock and not a dress.

My grandmother then went and found a set of really old photos that came with the house and showed me one of a boy in a smock. I told her that the boy that I’d been playing with was the boy in the photo – someone who’d died years before. Sadly I don’t have the photos but my guardian has told me the story several times at least.

Written by Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Copyright 2008


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