Quiet Whispering Of A Ghost

This story happened about seven years ago. I was on my province in the Philippines at the home of my grandparents. This house of theirs is really, really old and antique.

Many of our neighbors and relatives have told that they saw a priest with no head, an old man sitting in the stairs, and white ladies that say hi (it’s so strange right?).

There was this one night/morning at about 1 or 2 when I suddenly woke up because of the dogs. They keep on barking and howling. It was so scary that I woke up my cousin. When I was waking her up she told me to just sleep and ignore it, but I couldn’t help but to not sleep. It seems like someone is always waking me up at this time.

I woke my cousin again, but when I woke her up she told me that I should go near to my grandma. Then when I was sleeping near to my grandma all of a sudden the dogs stopped and it became so silent.

When I heard that it was so quiet I just closed my eyes and tried thinking of good memories. After a minute or two something, like someone whispering softly to me, “matulog ka na.” which means go to sleep. The voice was soft and sounded very old.

I was wondering if my grandma was joking. I wanted to open my eyes to see if it was my grandma, but I was so scared that someone would frightened me.

In the morning I told this to our whole family, they couldn’t believe. Another thing happened that night to my cousin, she said that she also heard a man walking and it sounded like he was carrying a chain.

Sent in by Jen, Copyright 2008 True Paranromal Tales


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