Revolutionary War Ghost

When I was about thirteen we lived in a farmhouse that had been in my Great-grandfather’s family for almost 65 years. To make things even weirder for me, we lived near where a part of the revolutionary war had taken place.

One day my cousin and I were walking in the woods together when we heard men talking and then we heard horses running. Since there were no animals on the farm, I knew it wasn’t one of ours and we knew that our neighbors didn’t have any. Then I heard the horses coming toward us, that’s when my cousin and I got really scared and we both ran out of the woods.

A year or two later, I had forgotten the experience. One day, when my brother Nahissah, my sister Annissa, my cousin Crystal (different cousin) and I were playing softball in the field right next to those very same woods, when all of a sudden my dog Cocoa ran into the woods like he always did.

For some weird reason, I got really curious as to what he was doing so I suggested that we watch through a clearing. When we looked into the clearing, we saw a transparent man in an old revolutionary war uniform petting our dog, then all of a sudden the man disappeared but he was still petting my dog. Since then I’ve seen a few more ghosts at my most recent home but no experience even measured up to how scary that one was.

Sent in by Ashley Humiston, Copyright 2008


One Response to “Revolutionary War Ghost”

  1. Dave on April 1st, 2011 6:07 pm

    How do you know the ghost was still petting your dog if he disappeared?

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