Strange Memory Was It Paranormal?

I was six years old. My dad was at work and my mom had my seven year old brother and myself at home. It was dark and getting close to bedtime and except for the lamp behind the chair where mom was reading us a story on her lap, all the lights were turned out in our home.

I remember that like it was yesterday. All of a sudden and for no reason at all, I began this action of leaning over and looking into the dark hall. I did this four times. I don’t remember seeing anything, and I don’t know why I would have behaved so oddly out of the blue.

My mom was getting disturbed with me and told me to settle down, and she was getting a tiny fear of nervousness. She told me that there is nothing and nobody there and she got us off her lap and went and turned on the light and made me look around.

She told me the only people that lived in our house are Mommy and Daddy and Jeffrey and Annie and God. My mom told us that there are no ghosts in our house, but we did have the spirit of our family members who have moved to Heaven around us and watching over us and they will never scare us or hurt us because they love us.

She turned the light back off and we tried to read the storybook a second time, but I was still nervous and stayed nervous through bedtime.

Sent in by Andrea Fraser, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales.


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