The Blacked Robed Figure

I had just got home from school and it was a pretty good day. I got to all of my classes on time and passed all of my assignments. The teachers and students kind of seemed awkward whenever they walked near me but I didn’t think anything of it.

I made spaghetti for dinner that night and watched a few movies. My best friend Brooke, my mom, my brother, and my stepfather watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” with me and everyone was scared by the end of the movie.

Shortly, thereafter I had gone to bed. My room happened to be in the basement and it was always dark down there. On the way to my room and from my room you can always see two windows with light shining through them due to street and yard lights.

Well, I awoke at around three in the morning, which, according to biblical writing is the witching hour for the devil, and didn’t see the two windows. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard a very quiet breathing pattern that continued for a good two or three minutes. Then I lay my head down thinking it was our dog. Well, let me tell you that it wasn’t.

I looked out the door one last time and again I still heard the hissing type of breathing pattern. Then, I looked just a little bit higher and saw red eyes staring straight at me. The figure standing in my doorway hissed one last time, hit his staff on the floor and turned away.

I could see the windows after a couple of seconds and then I instinctively grabbed my flashlight to go and see what it was that was standing in my doorway. I never knew what the figure was and I have never seen the figure again since that night. There have been nights that I’d walk around and felt as if something was following me. I never see anything when I turn around. But, as soon I continue walking my path, I get the feeling again. That feeling has always stuck with me since I saw whatever it was standing in my doorway that night. I never felt so scared in my entire life.

Sent in by Michael Bradley, Copyright 2008


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