The Bogey Man

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bogeyman. Well guess what? He’s REAL. I’m living in town not far from Springfield, Ill. I don’t want to say where to spare you my experience.

Anyway, I was driving down to the capital to visit my cousins and the new addition to their family. Well I’m going down the road and everything’s dark and quiet in the country. The air was cool so I drove with my windows down. But I sure wish I kept them up now because somewhere half way to the city I spot a hitchhiker.

I thought I would pull over and offer him a ride. That changed however when I was about thirty feet away from him. He looked big, I mean really big, he had to be at least eight feet TALL! and his shoulders were not far behind.

I was going about twenty so I wouldn’t run anything over, so I drove past him kind of slow. He looked like he was wearing a big black coat, and a black hat. I didn’t catch his pants but he also wore a white scarf around his neck.

Well, when I passed him he was like growling or muttering or something. I was afraid he would reach in and pull me out. Luckily he didn’t and when I saw him turn slowly toward my car in my rearview mirror I floored it. I didn’t stop until I reached my cousins home.

I told them my experience after the little guy went to bed and he told me that I should spend the night. That guy was called the Bogey, if you see him than its bad. You can bet I didn’t argue with him. And the next morning I took the highway home, it took longer but I’m never going down that road again.

Sent in by John Smith, Copyright 2008


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