The Hallo Man

It was a dark cold night in West Belfast. There was no one to be seen apart from my own shadow. I was headed home at 12:30 from my friends house in Ballymurphy. It was very unusual because there was not a soul in sight, or so I thought!

I was walking quite fast when echoes were lurking in my ear. I couldn’t make out what this person was saying. I closed my eyes for a moment and followed on walking. The wind began to pick up strongly and my house almost looked as if it was getting further away!

I knew something was wrong. It became darker and I began to hear the person more clearly. It was a man breathing heavily and he had a dark musky voice speaking the words, “beware beware.”

I was confused snd frightened. I just didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me of all people. I never believed in ghosts or anything of the sort.

Anyway, walking on I felt shaky as if something just wasn’t right. My shadow became over came with a rather tall man. I couldn’t look. I wouldn’t look. I ran the other direction back down to my friends house. The echo and shadow drifted away and the darkness faded. I was shocked but relieved and knew I wouldn’t walk up that way again.

I went home the next day in a taxi to discover that a few children were knifed walking home that night and the man was still abou! My heart raced, not in dismay but in thanks. I only wonder who that voice was and why me of all people and is he still with me.

This story is 100% true, it happened not so long ago and I just want people to know. Start believing, for all you know anything you hear or see could be a sign.

Sent in by Kathy, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales.


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