The Knocking Ghost In My Closet

One day I was all alone upstairs in my bedroom at my mommom’s house, and I was on the computer. Then I heard a few quite knocks coming from the closet. I was like, it’s nothing who cares, but anyway I got up looked in the closet. Nothing was there.

I was starving so I went down stairs to get something to eat. Suddenly I heared someone call my name real quitly. I turned around and there was nothing. So I asked mommom did you just call my name really quietly, she said no. I was like umm, that is weird, so I went back upstairs and as soon as I sat down there were three really loud knocks.

I screamed and ran downstairs as fast as I could crying my eyes out. My mommom was already at the bottom of the steps, she had heard the scream. She said, what’s wrong? I said, I heard a ghost, a ghost.

Then my poppop came and said, Saige what’s wrong? Mommom told him. So then he went upstairs. He didn’t see a thing but heard a real light voice saying, Jerry, Jerry, over and over again. He said, Fran, something is up there and I don’t know what it is.

They called a ghost hunter. He said he didn’t see anything but he did hear things. And he has no idea if they have ghost or not.

Sent in by Saige Ackerman, Copyright 2008


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