The New Years Ghost

Once, when I was about 11, we were having a party to celebrate new years. Everything was fine until later that night, when my cousins and I were ready to go to sleep.

Later that night I woke up from a heavy sleep and I saw something I couldn’t explain. I saw a very dark image on the right side of my bed. It was in the shape of an adult woman. I figured I was sleeping but I actually wasn’t. She kept moving around, acting like she was lost or looking for something. I sat up from my bed amazed at what I was looking at.

The ghost looked like she had very long hair and a long night gown on. I could feel her staring at me.

After two minutes or so, she came closer to the bed and my cousins were also in the bed with me. She came to me but I told her to back away from me then she saw my cousin and she started touching her forehead like if she was checking if she was sick or something.

Then it just kept staring at me, then I waved my hand in the motion of telling it to go away.

Finally it went on my nightstand and disappeared in a blink of an eye. I will never forget what happened that night it changed my total perspective on life.

Sent in by Priscilla, Copyright 2008 True Paranormal Tales


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