Visions Of The Ghost Boy

One night my mom went to bed and around 2:30 am she woke up. Directly, floating, as if the floor went up that high, was a little boy.

My mom said that he was wearing an old fashioned baseball uniform, and he was pale-ish/blue, and glowing gently. She didn’t feel threatened, but a minute later she got these vision like things.

“It was like I was watching an old movie player with the big, long rolls of film they used to use at the movie theatres back then.” The pictures that the boy was showing her weren’t in motion though, they were black/white photos that looked really old and she assumed that these people were his family and that they were dead.

She doesn’t like to deal with that stuff very much, especially when she’s tired so she closed her eyes and when she opened them the boy was gone along with the pictures, Just darkness.

That’s the only time she’s seen of the boy.

I really hope you find this story realistic because my mom doesn’t like to talk about that kind of stuff and she doesn’t lie about serious stuff like that either. She one of those people who never bring up that subject and only talk about it when I have everyone going on it.

Sent in by Lesley La Fleur, Copyright 2008


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